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Duckwood Productions

About Us

We're an award-winning video production company based out of Louisville, Kentucky focused on creating projects for YouTube and other distribution channels. We hope to expand with the region's ever-increasing production appeal and facilitate the growth of its talent.

The Team

Associates of Duckwood Productions

Emmett Swann


The first half of Duckwood Productions (Swann = Duck), Emmett Swann started writing stories throughout the pandemic as a new hobby and soon began learning all about filmmaking in hopes of turning his stories into films. He aims to continuously learn more and grow not only his audience, but also his skills.

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Jacob Oakes


The other half of Duckwood Productions (Oakes = Wood),

Jacob Oakes is involved in every stage of production. From script revision to planning pre-production, assisting production on set to revising edits, his input forms what our final award-winning product will be.

Tristan Suggs

Director of Photography/Writer

Tristan Suggs is an experienced commercial photographer, and now videographer, who is responsible for the creative camerawork on our latest film, Agent GB. He is also writing and directing his first short film, More Than Enough.

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Zane Hall


The ever so talented Zane Hall has starred in both of our latest short films, as well as a slew of other projects. He has honed his craft at Bellarmine University's theater program, where he has played such distinguished roles as Audrey II in Little Shop of Horrors.

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Isaiah Deming


While being relatively new to the acting world, Isaiah Deming can already boast about being involved in a feature film and has landed main roles in a handful of short films. He stars as the titular character in our latest short film, Agent GB and proves he's got what it takes to make it in the industry.

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Steven Delaney


The co-star of our latest short film, Steven Delaney, has studied theater for several years and has been featured both on stage and on camera in numerous productions. He is also a talented writer working on a feature film of his own, titled Falling.

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Avery Wilson


An experienced theater actor and playwright who attended Indiana University Southeast, Avery Wilson joined the team for Agent GB, where she has proved her limits go far beyond the stage.

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Zackery Morris

Sound Mixer/Actor/Production Assistant

A member of our production team from the very start, Zackery Morris has proved to be an invaluable member of the team. From acting to audio recording to assisting production, Zack holds up the foundation our films build success upon.

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Johnny Friend


Johhny Friend is no stranger to the camera. They have made countless video sketches, band videos, and analog clips. They have joined the cast in Agent GB, and hope to further their acting career in future productions. They are also currently writing a short film called Withdraw.

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