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Agent GB (2023)

17:49min   |   English   |   Jacob Oakes Emmett Swann


The FBI investigates a mysterious cult planning a massive chemical attack across the US. Will they be able to unravel this organization's deadly agenda in time or will they fall straight into their malicious grasp? Regardless, keep masks on and guns ready. 


Festivals (film is still in its festival run):

- Best Action Movie Award, 8 & Halfilm Awards 

- Best Student Short Film, American Golden Picture     International Film Festival 

- Official Selection, Cosmic Film Festival

- Best Thriller Short/Best Sound Design/Judge's           Choice Cinematography/Best Acting Duo, World     Premiere Film Awards

- Official Selection, Dead City Film Fest

- Official Selection, Wasteland Film Festival

- Official Selection, Louisville International Festival       of Film

- Official Selection, Centre Film Festival

- Honorable Mention, Influx Film Awards

- Honorable Mention, Bleedingham Horror Film           Festival

Agent GB | Thriller Short Film - Official Trailer
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OFFICIAL SELECTION - Cosmic Film Festival - 2023.png
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Behind the Scenes Content

Emmett (Watts) and Johnny (Sanders) checking to see how the shot looked after a take of running up to the building.

Steven (Cook) and Isaiah (Brennan) suiting up to do a take of them stripping off the gear and putting it into the trunk. Their costuming consisted of hazmat suits, gas masks, rubber chemical gloves, black backpacks, and a satchel pack (thankfully it was cold out).

Isaiah (Brennan) and Steven (Cook) crack jokes in between takes to occupy time. Fun fact: all lighting for the outside scenes was as-is with the existing streetlamps and no light was added in production since we loved the look.

The actors rest on the couch, waiting for the next scene to be set up. Some nights filming would go very late (sometimes 5am), so the cast and crew would take breaks and fight off sleep.

Zackary (John) prepares the kitchen counter with various items to make it appear lived-in.

Isaiah (Brennan) delivers an intense audio take with a smug look.

Emmett (Director) goes over the actions and dialogue of the next shot.

Screenshot (264).png

Fun Fact: only 3 lights were added and moved throughout the entire film. A Godox VL150 and 2 QEUOOIY RGB LED tripod lights.

Zane (Malakai) adjusting the goat mask overtop of the gas mask in between takes. The prop was a rubber goat skull mask found on Etsy, combined with a half-face gas mask meant for painting purchased on Amazon.

Isaiah (Brennan) asks questions about the movement in a scene.

Steven (Cook) delivers an audio take during an ominous shot.

Zane (Malakai) sits in his suit while waiting for the sun to set and the lighting to be set up for scenes with the menacing red lighting.

Screenshot (265).png

In between takes, Jacob (Producer) and Zack (John) discuss the scene and make jokes.

Avery (Brianna) delivers a panicked audio take after a late night of filming.

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